The Walking Dead (Season 3)

I hope you had a great Easter and I will kick off April with The Walking Dead! If you have missed my reviews of the previous seasons you can find them here. After the second season I was worried that season 3 might be a disappointed, but boy was I wrong! They returned to their biggest audience so far and gave them the best season so far.

Light spoilers for the earlier seasons and hopefully no major ones for season 3

Rick and his group of the remaining surviving humans have to find some place new to live since the destruction of their previous home. They find the best place they have ever had which they have to conquer by numerous zombie killings. Everything seems great once they have settled but are zombies their only threat anymore? Characters will die, new once will appear, connections to the past will appear and the biggest feud so far will begin.

This season has had the best plot so far! The characters did go through some developing stages but luckily this season focused more on action and suspense. There were only 16 episodes this season which was a nearly perfect format. There was only about one episode that I felt was a bit necessary and some of the build ups of the show went on for a bit too long. It sometimes felt that there was always a long wait for a particular thing.

I am otherwise extremely glad that you got to see some more action this season; it was something I felt was missing from the show. If you are like me you considered abandoning the show after the second season. That would have been a big disaster and this season outshine both seasons profoundly. Even though it will only get a 9 / 10 you should not fret, I know I have given the first season 9 / 10 but now that I have seen the third season the first one should only have gotten a six or a seven.

I now have big hopes for season four as the ending was quit unexpected but still awesome.



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