Beautiful Creatures

I promised you guys some new movies, so her is one of them! It’s a novel adaption from the authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stoh. Unfortunately I have not read the book and I won’t be doing so after watching this movie.

We lay our scene in a small southern town. Ethan keeps having dreams about Lena, his classmate. Eventually he discovers that Lena is not normal and the rumors about her being a spell caster are true. The problem with falling for Lena is that on her sixteenth birthday she will be claimed to the good side or the evil one and together they have to make Lena be claimed to the light side, while having the town as their enemy.

With all the hype this movie had been getting I was immensely disappointed! The story did not connect with me and the characters did not do so either. Most of the characters seemed really fake and created. There was not a single character I liked throughout the entire movie. Combining that with a storyline that never caught my attention and there is a big problem.

I zoned out so much that I doubt I remember the entire movie which is extremely bad. I don’t really know what could have made the movie better but to be watching something for two hours that you want to forget seeing directly afterwards was not what I had planned at all.

I wanted to like the movie, I really did but in the end I felt nothing for it. I suppose I was in the wrong target audience with the completely wrong move. But if you like the book and think it’s a story for you, than go for it because I don’t think there are that many out there who became as disappointed as me. 2 / 10




3 comments on “Beautiful Creatures

  1. Danielle says:

    Seriously don’t base your opinion of the book on that movie. It is SO FAR removed it couldn’t even use the term “inspired by”. They are two completely different entities. Book is soo much better and complex and well realised. The Movie was just…meh

    • I don’t since the books are usually way better. It was actually my plan to read the book after the movie (long library line) but even though they might have done the movie a lot differently it’s still the same concept right? And the concept and the story were the things I disliked so much about the movie.

  2. […] but it was as good as I could do.  The last movie I watched without reading the book was Beautiful Creatures. Unlike Beautiful creatures (which did not really have a single aspect I liked) The Host was an […]

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