Too Good To Die (För Bra För Att Dö)

The last review of the Swedish books I was talking about is here. As far as I now this book only exist in Swedish and Norwegian, tough I couldn’t find a cover for the Norwegian translation. The book is written by Christina Wahldén and the book is only about 150 pages long.

We read through a third person point of view and the protagonist we meet is Stella. She is in her senior high school years. She has been verbally threatened and physically harassed by a girl from her class. Stella hates herself and she finds her solace in the darkness of her room, the internet and two pet rats. One day it all goes a bit too far and Stella makes the split decision to kill herself…

The first time I read this book was when I was about thirteen. I realize now that back then I was in the right target audience. Unfortunately that is not the case anymore and I quickly noticed and immense amount of flaws. Right from the beginning the book used very harsh and rough words to portray the darkness of the situation. The problem was that the rough words did not convince me and that made the writing style unfitting.

There was also not really anything special about the storyline. Since it was not that special it went really bad if you combined it with the poor writing style and the short length. The younger version of me did not notice that. In fact I did not even notice how fake the ending seemed. It was one of those endings that a too surreal and they have no validity in a real life situation.

So if you are about 13-years of age, knock yourself out. I for one loved it at that age, but if you are older and have developed a better critical thinking than you should probably avoid the story and search for a similar one. 5 / 10


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