Book update

Easter is closing in and I have not had the time to update that much (sorry) and even though I have a lot’s of books and movies I want to write about I obviously have o finish reading or watching them before I can say write about them. In the past couple of days I have not had much time for anything at all and therefore there have been no updates.

So I decided to make a post of what to expect in the future, as the new books I bought have arrived… The only problem is that I have two Swedish books I must finish before Easter ends (school deadline) so you might not get a review of the new books this week. I might publish a review of the Swedish YA books, but I will let you decide that in a poll as they are not translated to English and it might annoy you if you find them interesting but can’t read them. So let me know; comment and vote, I will really appreciate it!


I decided to edit the post and show you the Swedish books as well:  Ett nytt Liv På Köpet (by Emma Granholm) = A new life for free, it’s on the right side. För Bra För Att Dö (by Christina Wahldén) = Too good to die, on the left side of the picture. These books are both about bullying so I bet you can find some similar books in English. The first book is only available in Danish or Swedish and the second one is in Swedish and Norwegian.


These are the three books I brought. I have big expectations for all of them. Otherkin reminds me of a similar shape shifting book I read when I was about nine, so it will be interesting to see if I will like a (hopefully) similar concept as a YA book. I don’t recall ever reading about fairies and I read a good review about Ash that caught my attention. I have found many similar books to A Need So Beautiful but as this was the first one with that kind of storyline I wanted to read A Need So Beautiful before I go after something similar. The covers for the books are pretty different but I like all of them a lot and I hope the inside will match my opinions on the outside.

So, give me your opinions about if I should review the Swedish books, stay tuned and you will eventually find some reviews of some brand new movies and hopefully awesome books!


2 comments on “Book update

  1. Danielle says:

    Defo review them! I’m obsessed with Swedish lit and love to read the English translations when they appear!

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