I bet most have picked up a comic book once in their life, but I for one had never read an entire graphic novel. This political novel was written by Marjane Satrapi, it originally came out as four separate pieces but they were fused into one book in 2005. The novel is a political novel and also autobiographical.

We lay our scene in Iran, during the Islamic revolution. We get to follow a young girl during her upbringing and up to her twenties. We get to see the impact on the war in her life and the actual happenings are implanted in the girl’s surroundings to make it both a political novel, but also a normal novel with character development and a storyline.

I will quickly summaries what I thought about the different parts and then bee a bit more general. In the first part I did not connect with the main character at all. The book did its best tom make the reader think it was all normal, but I simply did not believe that I was reading from a 10-year-olds perspective at all, and she had many opinions that where unfitting for her age.

In the second part a lot happened and the main character’s opinions did not bother me in the same way. In the third part the decisions the character made did not appeal to me. It was a post war reaction and that is understandable. Still I resent reading about drugs and things like that and therefore the third part was pretty bad. The forth one was fine, but the ending was abrupt and the events in the last part did not capture my sympathies.

This seems pretty bad but the thing that mainly ruined the book for me was the graphical novel aspect. I never got into the drawing style. There were so many contrasts in the book, they were everywhere and as the book is only pitch black, or extremely white in its drawings all the conflicted parts became too much.

This is a pretty clear example of the contrasts, and the black and white style…

If this would have been written as a normal novel I would have liked it a lot more, the story line in graphic novels are usually short as there is not much room for text, but I would have needed it to be a normal novel to find the plot more believable. If you are interested in what happened during the revolution and the war between Iran and Iraq you might still like the book, but if graphical novels is not your thing it might be best to stay away and read a similar one. For me too much of the book was destroyed by the graphical aspect, which is a shame, because without it the plot had potential. 3 / 10


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  1. […] I did not like the book but as it’s a school thing I had to see the movie as well. It came out in 2007 and the spoken language in the movie is French. It can also be a good thing to mention that 90% of the movie is animated in the black and white style you can read about in the book review. […]

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