I hardly doubt most people have managed to escape the complaints about MTV. It is after all supposed to be music television but they only air music past midnight. This would not have been a problem for many if they did not include awkward shows such as… well Awkward. Was Underemployed the salvation for the channel? Not really, but it was one of the better shows I have seen on the channel during the 21th century.

A group of newly graduates from college go their separate ways and hope to achieve something in their lives. A few months later they are on the bottom of the food chain and they have come nowhere. The viewers follow the characters as they try to understand their newfound adulthood.

I don’t know why every single MTV show features a young mom, but I am getting tired of it. Combining that with unrealistic music dreams and it all feels way to artificial and overdone if you ask me.  Luckily there were better characters, but the problem with the better characters was that everyone has seen them in a different show before.

Another problem was that I only liked the storyline for about half of the characters and in order to really like a show there either must be something extremely special about the plot or a likability in most characters, but this show had neither.

There was one thing that I found immensely positive; colors!  It may sound strange but after many darker shows as The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars (reviews will be found in the future) it was nice to see as many vibrant colors as I did. I’m not sure if I’m alone with my opinions but it seems like there are less color in TV-shows these days? In Underemployed there was however loads of them. They were usually warm colors and that made it hard to look away from the screen. I’m not sure what it was with the colors but they made me happy, which made the bad parts of the plot easier to overlook.

Overall there was nothing groundbreaking with this show, but it was like I said one of the best shows I have seen on MTV for a while. If there is a new season coming out this year will I watch it? – No it was not good enough, but I might see an episode or two in boredom. 6 / 10




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