Warm Bodies

The movie adaption of the novel by Isaac Marion was released last month. I have not read the book, but I already have a big reading pile, so I decided to only watch what is claimed to be “the zombie version of Twilight”.

The main character in this movie is a zombie. In the beginning we get to follow an inner monolog he has which explains what he is and some other things. He only has vague memories, but he is capable of thinking in what I think is a pretty complex way. He lives in an airplane and has a best friend, who is also a zombie. I might mention that the main character things his name begins with an R, so I will refer to him as R from now on. R and some other zombies are searching for food when R encounters a girl who he falls for by doing something to a person the girl knows.

That was probably the best I could do without giving too much away. So… zombies with thoughts, empathy and memories? Pretty unusual if you ask me. Tough I think it works, it’s different and that catches you attention. It took some time to accustom to in the beginning, but during the movie I made a conscious decision to find the movie entertaining and not look at it as a normal zombie movie.

This attitude worked and the movie got a couple of laughs from me. So I’d recommend everyone to watch the movie with a similar attitude and not seeing it as a normal zombie movie, because if you do you might be disappointed. In the later part of the movie you got some action, or semi-action scenes which were a nice change. I did not really like the ending, but it is an ending that most of the viewers would probably like.

This was an unusual take on a zombie movie, even though some parts resemble Twilight a bit I did not really think that it was the same story in a zombie edition. The ending took of a point or two, but with good visuals, nice story line, good acting and the right attitude the movie turned out to be great. 8 / 10



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