It’s been a couple of days and I’m sorry about that. I hope some of you might appreciate my new little project tough. I’m starting it up today even though the idea has been in my head for quite a while. In order to improve my Spanish I will watch quite a few Movies from Spanish speaking countries. I already have at least ten I would like to watch but since my class just finished the genetics chapter in biology I thought this movie would be perfect to start things of.

XXY came out in 2007 and I thought it would be a documentary and biology focused movie. I was really wrong as it turned out to be a dramatic, dark and sometimes twisted story. We follow a 15-year old who is intresexed and we get to follow her story during some dramatic events.

The first 50% of the movie was mainly slow and dragged out. When something happened it was quite bizarre and I really didn’t like what happened between the main character and someone else during one or two scenes. Luckily the movie got better towards the end; dramatic, shocking and unexpected events happen there. They made you more involved with the plot and even though the plot pace still was pretty slow you felt like you really shouldn’t turn of the movie.

I did not expect the darkness the movie had and I found the relationship the characters had to each other strange and they did not really go together in a good way. In the end I liked the darkness of the movie and I saw it as a nice change to all the bubbly coming-of-age stories out there. I don’t really think that I was necessarily the target audience for this movie but the ending saved it for me, even thought the story line gave me a completely different scenario than the one I was looking for. 6 / 10





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