Silver Linings Playbook

It has come to my understanding that the only Academy award movie I had watched this year was Life of Pi. Therefore I decided that it was time to change that with this romantic, drama – comedy movie …

The movie starts off with the protagonist being released from a mental institution. He has to live with his parents and we get to see him meet a mysterious girl who gives him new opportunities, while he is still struggling for the experience that landed him in the institute…

In all honesty I am one of the few people who don’t adore Jennifer Lawrence.  I have only seen her in the Hunger Games, but there I was not so impressed. This time it’s a bit better, tough I am not completely blown away. Bradley Cooper was another story and I did think that his performance as the male lead was even better than the one he did in Limitless.

The characters in the movie were a bit unique and they are not something you encounter every day. This was naturally the purpose of the movie and it was usually really good, but I occasionally found myself thinking they should have tried to tone some things down, (an example could be the “jogging with a trash bag as a shirt scenario.”

The worst thing about this movie was that the plot was so slow paced. The movie is two hours but it felt more like five. The interesting bits did not actually start until the last half hour of the movie which was in a way a bit of putting. The direction of the plot changed and it was so late during the movie so it almost became another movie. I did like the change of direction tough, it was unexpected but I felt that the majority of that part was put a bit too late in the movie; if they would have changed the direction sooner I would have appreciated it more.

I did an occasional chuckle when watching the movie so it was not too slow to make you loose your interest completely. The ending made the movie worth watching, even though won’t praise it to the sky as others might have done. It was a good ending to the story but not something I would get down on my knees for.

The plot pace should have been faster, but with good acting and a special storyline it turned out pretty good anyways, (and there was not that much romance, which I liked.) I am not sure it is that worthy of the academy award Lawrence won, but I would still recommend the movie. 7 / 10



2 comments on “Silver Linings Playbook

  1. CMrok93 says:

    Cooper, Lawrence , and especially most of all, De Niro, knock their roles out of the park as well as everybody else and it’s just great to see a big cast come together on material, that’s heartfelt and touches on so much, but in such a genuine and honest way. Nice review.

    • Thanks, even though I did not completely love slow paced plot it turned out great in the end and the fact that the acting was so good made me accept the slow paced plot.

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