I finally finished the last book of the matched series by Ally Condie. If you have missed my reviews of the previous books you will find them here: Matched, Crossed. As always I will try to keep my spoilers light from all previous books and this one tough some things from the past books will appear in my summary.

The chaos is a fact, the society is falling apart and people are deciding sides between the society and the rising. Then the unthinkable happens and a plague hits the dystopian world. Who will live who will die and how can the society be saved before it’s too late and most importantly, what will happened if the plague continues to spread.

I realize that this is not the summary most would give to this book, but I do always focus less on the romance parts and more on the action in itself. Now you might think that the book was a lot better than Crossed. Tough it wasn’t it was better, but not a lot.

There were a bit too much going on in the book. Even though the drastic happenings in the book are not really in your face it got a bit blurry when new things were introduced constantly. This time we got to read the from Cassia, Ky and Xander’s point of view. In the beginning I was not a fan of this since I only like Cassia, but I got used to it towards the end. This was particularly good since a certain thing happens to Cassia which made her point of view a bit less fun to read, tough I still like her as a character a lot.

I cannot really say the same for the plot. The conflict between the society and the rising was not something that I liked and that ruing a big part of the plot for me. The plague was a lot more fitting and it kept my interest along with the romance scenes that I thought I would not like. They did keep the romance on a low level like the first book and therefore the triangle drama did not bother me, as I hardly noticed it until the last part of the book.

Even though I may not have liked some parts of the plot and the point of view swaps that much the book got better and better. It did get so good that I was entirely content with the ending, I found it great for the book and it left me with a positive opinion on the book. It may not have been the best plotline for me but in the end the book was very good, tough I do still believe Matched is the best. 7 / 10

The covers for the series still look great; tough I did think that Cassia looks a bit animated and unrealistic in this cover.


2 comments on “Reached

  1. Danielle says:

    Okay I think I need to just read this so I have the trilogy finished. I’m disappointed that it didn’t live up to matched but hopeful for the plot at least! Great review! x

    • Thanks, I do think that people in general might appreciate this book more than I did, but somehow I did not feel as connected to the storyline as I did in Matched. Either way it does have a really good ending to the trilogy that I believe most are quite happy with. 🙂

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