About A boy (Novel)

Fever… it causes exhaustion and many other things, therefore my only plan was to finish Reached and relax. Sounds good? – Wrong, I realized that I have a school deadline on About A Boy and therefore I had to finish that one and there were pretty much all I had the energy to do this weekend.

So you will have to settle for this pretty famous book by Nick Hornby until I get a bit better… We lay our scene in London (1993) and we get to follow a coming of age story for a kid and an adult. We get to follow Marcus (the kid) and Will (the adult) and their unusual lives from their perspective in the book. Will is living the dream life with money to drown in and an obsession with getting the new things straight from the stores. Meanwhile Marcus is the introverted kid with a strange family and very strange personality.

The book started out slow… so slow that I missed the fact that there were two main characters for about 1/3 of the book. That was probably partly due to the fever but the book was really slow and I never really think that that changed. You got used to it and every once in a while something happened to make you keep you interest.

The genres in this book were not suitable for my taste at all, drama-comedy did not resemble the feeling I got from reading it at all. The drama was boring and the comedy aspects where no comedy at all in my eyes, it was just more dram and I can’t remember a single funny thing from the book.

The two characters were good in the beginning. It was a nice twist to the common story and I liked how their livers were described in the book. Tough I did not like many of the characters actions or thought and the writing techniques the author used did not capture me at all.

The book also had an ending that I like to believe most people are tired of today. It did fit the book and the purpose of it but that last thing I wanted the book to end with was the happily ever after scenario adapted in a real life situation.

I may have disliked this book a lot but I do think that the movie adaption will be better; this seems like the kind of story that should be in a movie to me. So I am looking forward to that at least. 3 / 10

I hate the cover, but there are better ones out there.


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