Sorry and my funny day! :)

I know I said that I would have had a Reached review uploaded today, but sometimes days don’t go as planned. Therefore I will provide you with the story of my day that you might find a bit comical. My new plan will be to upload a movie review tomorrow or on Sunday and you will get the Reached review on Monday, since most of my readers visit my blog during the week days.

Now the fun parts begin.

I never ever no which date it is and today is 22nd of February. Naturally I did not know this…
So I’m all alone in the house and the phone rings. It’s my mother’s friend. Summary of what she said: “I know Ann is at work but since I will be working all day I want you to congratulate her, since it’s her birthday and I will call her if I can.”
So it is my mother’s birthday and I had no clue that it was today! I did totally fake my way through the phone call, by telling her friend that I would forward her message and I tried to appear normal, haha! I should be given an academy award!

This is where things get even worse (or in your case funnier.) I = me and D = dad G = grandma

My father get’s home so I ask him:
I: “Did you know it’s mums birthday?”
D: No I had no idea, but I was calling to check up on your grandma and she said “Isn’t it Ann’s birthday today?” My father was not as good as faking things as me (no academy award for him) and said something like: yeaaahnnnnooo… I don’t know.

D: “So after the conversation with her, I realized that it is her birthday and before that I had no clue either.”
I: “Dou you have a gift?”
D: “No I don’t, how old is she now anyways?”
I: “I don’t know…”
I: “Well obviously don’t so don’t just blame me…”
D: “You don’t have a gift do you?”
I: “No.”

The weird part

In the end we decided to make a cake. We had a limited time since my mother was arriving sooner than we thought. We made the dough and once all the ingredients were added we realized that we did not have enough dough. Drunk as my dad was he starts to crack new eggs into the same dough! I realized that he was too stubborn reason with so I let him move on to making the same dough on top of the dough!

Meanwhile I decided to make some whipped cream with boysenberries in it. I poured up the cream and I realized that there was barely anything left! We did not have much of anything else left so we went with the cream anyways. In the end we ended up with a really ugly cake made from ingredients we almost didn’t have and I had just lighted the last candle on our kitchen table when my mother busted through the door.

My moron to a father…

Sure the cake was ugly but it tasted pretty good, a bit dry due to the lack of whip cream but my mother was happy. I thought that this was great because now my mother never needed to know how clueless we were. My drunken dad obviously forgot about that fact and as we are eating he says “It’s really good we have phones these days, otherwise we would have no idea that it was your birthday today!” My mother does not look entirely happy with this so my father tells her our story and ends on a very subtle note (sarcasm intended) Besides how was I supposed to know that it was you birthday today when you didn’t say anything this morning!”

Perhaps not the best thing to say but my mother was fine with it anyway because she had her cake. This day went from a normal day to a hectic birthday surprise and therefore I apologize for the fact that I have no real update and I hoped you enjoyed reading about my strange day.

The ugly cake!

The ugly cake!


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