My all-time top games

Playstation 4 was announced yesterday and the excitement is huge. Unfortunately it’s probably going to take a while before one can by it and therefore I decided to list my top games ever. They will be from my childhood and the present time though I won’t rank them since that would be way too hard and sure I have even more games that I love but including them would make the post ridiculously long.

SSX Tricky

The first game I ever got for my Playstation 2. I had seen others play it but never tried it myself. Once I got it I was about seven years old and did probably not know a single word in English. Somehow I managed to figure out how to get on the course and I started playing. I had no clue what I was doing, I was holding the jump button the entire run (slowing me down) and I had no idea that you were supposed to lean forward. Yet I won my first course and from that moment I loved the snowboard franchise. The character and the graphics of the game still looks great today and it was only a year ago since I last played it and their entire franchise have been extremely good.

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Car games, I was never good at them but NFS MW changed that. I was finally good at a racing game and playing it on the computer was rather simple in the beginning and it turned out to be a great challenge towards the end. Even though it was released long ago it’s still very popular and prized by many.

Eyetoy Play 3

When Playstation 2 introduced motion technology I don’t really think the trend caught on. Still it is in a way a predecessor to Nitendo’s Wii and thorough a camera you controlled the game. You were able to play with up to four friends in various games mini-games. This was a blast and I can’t even count how many injuries I got from kicking furniture or accidentally hitting my friend.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

This game came out in 2010 or something similar and therefore the graphics were exquisite. Everything was so improved from most wanted and you got new scenarios and a completely different gameplay. The controls were more sensitive and everything looked pretty realistic. The game was also fairly easy and I managed to conquer the game in some weeks.

Amnesia The Dark Decent

My current favorite. I have been playing the horror game like crazy these past two weeks and when I’m not playing I am watching the game with developer’s commentary on YouTube and I am going slightly paranoid. For one who never even flinches when watching horror movies it is quite hard to admit that a game made by 4 -6 guys has you terrified.  I am honestly scarred of playing their upcoming sequel but I will make it my mission to play the first game before the other one comes out. If you have missed my review of this game you can check it out here.



6 comments on “My all-time top games

  1. Jack Flacco says:

    Nothing comes close to the adrenaline surge from SSX! I have it and it really is one of my favorites too. I’d like to also add God of War for PS2. It has got to be one of the most graphic intensive and thrilling games for the format. It is such a beautiful game. Need for Speed Most Wanted rocks! I love Burnout Legends too (I suppose crashing cars seems more fun)! Haha Anyway, great list! 🙂

    • I know, you could immerse yourself in all of the SSX games for hours and you didn’t even have to like snowboarding to love them. Crashing cars is fun! Me and my friend even remade a Shakira song so it was about crashing cars, which we used to sing during the police chases. I never played god of war but it does sound like a shooting game (which I’m awful at but they are still fun). Thanks, the list is kind off my tribute to the PS4 I am honestly excited and I haven’t even decided if I’m actually going to buy it! 🙂

  2. Jack Flacco says:

    BTW, I like what you did with the blog…looks great!

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