This is the second book in the Matched trilogy, by Ally Condie. I keep loving the covers for the series but this cover is my least favorite of the three. Why? Because this book is the in between book.

Light spoilers from Matched in the summary:

After the events of Matched, Caissas life is very different from she one she had in the first book… She has been moved to the outer parts of the society wherefrom she will escape and become an outcast Caissa must escape the society and making a journey as an outcast, to find one of the boy’s she loves (Ky) with some newfound friends.

I loved the first book but this one merely kept my interest. The plot was so slow and “going off on a journey to find and save the one you love” is hardly a new concept. Sure, I did expect it, but I did think that the book would have a bit more to offer than that.

The author also changed the point of view a bit. This time we get to read from both Caissa’s and Ky’s point of view. Since I did not care for either of the boys in the first book this was also a letdown. I loved Clarissa in Matched but with the point of view swap you lost her train of thoughts and I never really cared about Ky’s perspective when I was reading in it. Another problem with this was that both perspectives almost gave you the same story and I found that extremely annoying.

With a slow pace, what could drain down you energy even more? Poetry! It was everywhere, poetry, stories and more poetry. Like you can probably tell I am not a fan… Sure I appreciate the literature form in itself and I sometimes find a snippet of text that I like. I do however usually don’t appreciate it in books and this was the case here. It made you lose focus from the plot and the actual scene and they appeared so much that you just wanted to skip the lines with poetry in them completely.

The third book (Reached) came out in November this year but based on my experience with Crossed I am not sure is I will read it or not. While Matched got a 9 / 10 I am still so disappointed in crossed that it will only get a 2 / 10 which is extremely bad if you think about the fact that I loved the series two days ago and now it’s all destroyed.


7 comments on “Crossed

  1. Okay, I gotta tell you, Analyzemaster, I hated this book. For all of the reasons you stated above. BUT, for some strange, completely mad reason, I read Reached anyway. And loved it. All of it. The first bit was kinda slow, but after that… it was amazing! Her writing style hugely improved, as did her plot and characters. As you can tell in my review , I definitely recommend reading it. 🙂

    • Really? 🙂 Let’s hope we have similar taste in Reached as well. Since I did love Matched as much as I did I actually started reading Reached today. So far it is a bit slow as you say, but I think I man starting to get to the more interesting parts so I really hope that it will get better and better. I also been noticing that the writing style has improved and the plot is actually pretty good so far. It will be interesting to see how it all ends since I loved Matched and hated Crossed. 🙂

  2. Danielle says:

    I adored Matched and really tried hard to love Crossed too but it was soooo slow, I felt really left down. I’ve had Reached for months and am almost scared to read it in case it’s a disappointment too!

    • I felt the exact same way as you did. The difference was that since I loved Matched and hated Crossed I really needed to figure out what I would think of Reached. I’m not even a hundred pages in but so far it has been way better than Crossed and I haven’t even gotten to the interesting parts yet, so if it keeps improving you might not have to be so scared of reading Reached.

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