The first book in the very hyped trilogy by Ally Condie. It’s a young adult book with romance and it’s all set in a dystopian future.

Sometimes one can get worried about how much information the government has over mere individuals. This book takes it even further. Here everything is controlled, who you will marry, who you will love, where you will work your entire life and even the date you die is set. These things are only scratching the surface and you will learn more and more about how everything is controlled while reading it.

The protagonist in the series is Clarissa, a 17-year-old girl who is in the age where she gets matched with the one she will spend her life with and her carrier will also be chosen for her. While she is matched something weird happens and suddenly she gets new experiences which will give her an insight in how everything around her is controlled. Clarissa does not want to be a part of it, but what can one do in a society where all information is extremely limited and no options can be found to escape it?

This is a book appreciated by everyone and I loved the cover so I decided to read it for myself. The first 50 pages did not really grab my attention, a lot happened but I did not really care so much about it. Tough I do think that the beginning explains everything very well and it gives you enough information you need.

I did like the cover a lot so I was surprised when the dress on the cover where worn by Clarissa (who is also on the cover) and the glass bubble fitted into the plot perfectly. I also really liked the dystopian world she is living in; it gave me some reflective thoughts on everything to surveillance, democracy and technology.

What could possibly ruin a book so good for me? – Triangle drama! I do usually hate romance in books (though I do acknowledge that they are needed) and the one thing I hate more that romance is triangle dramas. None of the two male characters were that good but I didn’t hate them (which I really thought I would).

Now you think that I hate the book, but it was actually amazing! I loved everything about the main character and the world. The romance should have ruined it, but it was kept on a low level so I actually liked that part as well. Tough I do think that there might be more triangle drama and romance in the next book. Overall I loved the book, I would really recommend it and the ending gives you enough suspense to want to read the second book. 9 / 10


6 comments on “Matched

  1. I completely agree with you on pretty much ALL of your points! Actually, I don’t think I could’ve summed my feelings up better than you did, so I’ll just leave it at that. 🙂

  2. Jack Flacco says:

    I don’t know what it is with YA nowadays, but everywhere I turn there’s a triangle afoot. I think it started with Twilight and everyone wants in on the money. That’s my opinion, though. Nevertheless, this books sounds interesting. I find it unusual you should continue reading after the first 50 pages didn’t grab your attention. This proves books are subjective and worth a read from beginning to end, much like you did. I enjoy it when a book gets better.

    I’m in the middle of reading A Time to Kill by John Grisham and I found the beginning a bit too much for me. But, I stuck with it and I’m loving it. I have just under a hundred pages left. I’m excited to get to its conclusion!

    I agree, the cover to Matched looks great!

    • I actually don’t encounter too many triangle dramas for some reason, maybe it is because I usually stay as far away from them as I can possibly get. Match did not really feel like a triangle drama either, just a battle to know as much as possible and when the romance parts occurred they were always standing in the background of other things. Therefore it wasn’t really a triangle drama in my opinion, but we’ll see what I find in the other books.

      I’m not much of a mystery fan myself but I do have some exceptions. I think you might like A time to kill, if you should trust goodreads at least.
      The covers really tell a story and the other two books are made in a similar fashion, you get to know a bit about the plot from them, but not too much. I hope that this trend sticks in other books as well because I really like it.

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