Broken Hill

The movie came out in 2009 and it is mainly a drama and music movie. It’s about a teenage composer who gets into a situation with a girl. This causes them to meet prison inmates and their mission becomes to win the music competition Broken Hill with the inmates as their band members.

I am honestly conflicted about this movie. Even though the movie has a stable plot it felt like the pace of the plot and the script where not naturally distributed. Some things were done in big proportions but there were some small character issues that kept appearing in strange places.

I do think that the idea was pretty good but the movie did very little to catch your attention. The acting was also very mediocre and I did not really care for the characters at all. There were no major character development and the plot was not as innovative as I originally thought.

In fact you can take pretty much any coming of age story where the character tries something new, has a set back and it all leads to victory. Therefore I would not recommend the movie and I know that I may not have said a lot about it, but there is only so many things one can say about a story that we have all seen before. 3 / 10



2 comments on “Broken Hill

  1. Jack Flacco says:

    Hmm, I haven’t seen this one before, and I’m pretty good with seeing all I can of the coming of age movies. It’s on my to-watch list now! BTW, I found The Pirate Bay movie you recommended. I’ll be watching that one soon too! You’re a wealth of movie brilliance!

    • Then knock yourself out, tough I doubt you’ll like this movie but it did have some uniqueness in the music aspect at least. Great, I’m looking forward to your thoughts on the movie!

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