Finally I am done with Hunger Games so I decided to start up a new trilogy, written by Rachel Ward. I am not sure if I can place all the genres in the book but my best guess is that it’s a romantic young adult book with drama and a whiff of sci-fi and tragedy.

The book is about 15-year old Jem who has been an outcast her entire life and does not look anyone in the eye. When she does look into someone’s eyes she sees their death date in them and therefore she avoids all personal contact and has never had a friend in her entire life. Until she meets Spider, a strange guy from her class. Suddenly the book takes a sharp turn and the disaster is upon them and against all odds they have to flee from their hometown London.

I liked the idea of the book and the main character was extremely interesting. Her life was unusual fascinating and her thoughts were fun to follow. I can’t really say the same for Spider though. He was fun in the beginning but in the end he got a bit too bubbly and his personality was very excessive. The decisions the two characters made together was sometimes stupid and a bit immature.

The romance parts where not really believable and as I am not a fan of romance I just felt like it was a poorly done addition to the book. Therefore I did feel that the book became a bit worse at the second half and the plot took some turns I did not really like. The epilogue was also not that good but the last sentence did save it. I did like the book but I read the summary and since they change the main character in the next book I am pretty sure that I won’t be reading the sequels, but I would recommend the first book. 7 / 10


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