A movie that I fell asleep to back in 2010. So here I am again three years after the movie was released. I have seen a similar movie to this one (Blackout from 2008) so if you like the concept of this movie I would recommend you seeing that one instead, as it was a better movie than Devil.

The movie is about a group of people getting stuck in an elevator that somehow can’t be fixed because they have the devil with them in the elevator.

Yeah, it does sound pretty ridiculous and it was, towards the end. The first half of the movie was pretty good but towards the second half the movie was just annoying. The movie was only an hour and twenty minutes long. Yet it felt like the second half of the movie was a bit dragged out and the devil / demon part was just random and stupid.

I thought that I would like the concept but there where so many things happening around the main plot and it was mainly irritating. The visuals where usually fine but there where way dark scenes and many flashing lights. The acting was decent but I did not really like the characters.

Well that’s pretty much all I can say about a movie set in an elevator… Seriously tough, see Blackout instead and avoid this one. 5 / 10


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