The oldest book I have ever read in my entire life! The play was written around 400 years B.C. by Euripides. Once I was done reading it I had Jack Sparrow’s quote on repeat in my head: “Did everyone see that? Cause I will not be doing it again.” That statement could not have been truer in my case.

We set our scene in Athens (Greece).  We get to follow the main character Medea’s as she lives the life of a typical mother during that time era, until it all changes in the end and she does the worst thing a woman could have done in that time era…

Honestly this book came with the worst case scenario possible for me. It is a play, it’s old and once again it’s a play. Not really my thing. Luckily it’s not even 60 pages long (if you skip the prolog) and therefore I did not waste so much time on it.

It was all very boring to read, plays are supposed to be acted and therefore reading them is usually awkward. I was reading it in translation which means that it’s more modern but still contains very old Swedish in it. I guess it’s the same for all translations, they remake what they have to remake and the rest keeps the really old vocabulary. This is something that I do not like at all and therefore it was not that fun to read Medea, since the language in itself put me off.

The plot was also very uninteresting and the characters where not that good. I did like one thing about the play and that was the ending. Finally something interesting happened and you were actually fine with reading the last pages of the play. I would not recommend this play but if you want to have the accomplishment of reading an extremely old play, set in Greece and is probably one of the oldest written texts that (in a way) supports gender equality. If you like those things then knock yourself out. 2 / 10


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