Fast Five (Fast and furious 5)

Even though they named it fast five; you can’t escape the fact that it’s another fats and furious movie. Honestly I was quite sick of the concept before I even watched the movie, but since the trailer for the sixth movie just came out I realized that I had been postponing the movie way too long.

This time the main characters are “Dom”, Brian and Mia. The movie starts out with Dom being rescued by the other characters. They flee the country and end up in Rio de Janeiro. There they face Federal agents and drug lords that are not entirely happy with them…

You can see that the movie came out in 2011. The visuals are a lot better and clearer this time and the actors are doing their best performance so far in the series. Yet in the beginning I was not so pleased. I felt like I had seen enough of the franchise and it was the same thing all over again but with a different plot.

Luckily I started to change my mind in the middle of the movie. Sure it was the action scenes that were almost too much, the jokes you have heard before, the common fights and the hole I am so proud over my new car thing. It did all feel pretty stupid in the beginning, but once I started to embrace the mindlessness you need to watch the movie and just have fun with what I was actually seeing it became a lot better.

I started to appreciate the movie a lot; the old characters, the main characters and the new characters suddenly became really liked on my part. I also started to like the fact that they were in Brazil as well and the Spanish parts that came with it. I know that they speak Portuguese in Brazil but somehow the second language in the movie turned out to be in Spanish. Luckily I loved that since Spanish is a language I am currently studying. I did not really get why they used actors that spook Spanish instead of Portuguese it was still lovely to listen to.

Overall this was the best fast and furious movie they have made so far. I hope they make something even better in the upcoming movie, but until that one is released you will have to settle for this one. 8 / 10


4 comments on “Fast Five (Fast and furious 5)

  1. Jack Flacco says:

    This is by far my favorite of the series. The bank vault scene was reminiscent of Terminator 3’s crane scene. I just thought it was a blast. I watched it several times already. Just great!

  2. skunkieboo says:

    So I keep saying I need to see these, because of Vin and all, so should I just watch 1 and 2 and skip to 5 or should I work through all of them.

    • Hmm that’s a really tough decision… The fifth one was the best so far and the movies are not really that connected to each other so if you want to watch only that one it’s very possible. I have also liked all the movies before this one but that was a few years ago…

      Either way you can skip the 3rd movie, since it’s not really connected to the other movies and the second one is not that important either.

      In the end I guess my suggestion is to watch the first movie (to get to know the characters) and Fast Five to see how much better that movie is.

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