An Inconvenient Truth

The truth is very inconvenient indeed, and the truth is that I never had seen this documentary before. So I thought it was about time… Most could probably not have missed the documentary as it came out back in 2006, was made by the former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore. Not to mention that the documentary has become extremely famous.

The documentary was a part of Al Gore’s project to make global warming a worldwide problem that people must realize. In the documentary we get to see Al Gore holding a lecture for an audience.

The problem is that today global warming is a very heated topic. Therefore I will not go in to deeply about my opinions on it in this review, I will instead try to judge what I actually saw. By doing this I hope everyone will be able to read this review and their opinions on the topic should not matter.

The documentary was made very well visually. Al Gore used graphs, videos, pictures and so on to make his point very clear. It made the documentary a bit more versatile and you did not get bored with it.

The documentary has the length of most movies. Even though it was varied in presentation forms it still has the long lecture feeling to it. This means that you lose your interest at parts and then the angle of the topic changes and you are suddenly fully attentive again. I do believe watching the documentary in 2006 would have been better. Nowadays the issue of global warming is everywhere, especially for the younger generations who lives in a more globalized society. Therefore many of these facts were not new at all and it made me a bit inattentive.

In the documentary you are listening to Al Gore and I am a bit conflicted about his rhetorical skills, he was occasionally funny, sometimes a bit moving and at other times a boring rambler with some facts and some fancy convincing words that are not always the best way to get the audience’s attention. This naturally has a lot to do with the fact that there was very little information inside the documentary that I did not already know.

In the end it was still a very good documentary, but if you know the most basic things about global warming you might not learn anything from watching it. I do however think it was interesting to see the documentary that changed the attitude of so many people. Even though you might not like Al Gore and you might not care at all about global warming I still think you should see it. 7 / 10


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