Upside Down

Sometimes I get a bit tired of the movie industry; everything is either based on a book, is a sequel in some form and if it is none of the above the chances of recognizing the plot are sometimes a bit too big… Since it is a normal fantasy and romance movie from 2012 you would not expect it to be so different. Then suddenly you realize that there is something different about it and your faith in the movie industry is instantly restored. So what is special about this movie?  Like you probably guessed from the title the movie is upside down.

Fine, it is not all completely upside down. It’s actually a bit more complicated than that. The earth is separated into two worlds that are extremely close to each other. They both have different gravity zones; meaning if you stand in one world and look up at the other one the world you are looking at is upside down. These parallel gravities have some rules: both gravity zones only pulls down matter from their own world and not the other one. The weight of an object can change when it comes into contact from another world and after the two objects have been in contact for a while the object in the “wrong” gravity burns. I will also mention that one world is richer than the other and the storyline is of course a man from the poor gravity zone who falls for a girl from the other one.

It’s safe to say that I’m not Kristen Dunst’s biggest fan but I was pretty impressed and the same goes for Jim Sturgess, tough I did not exactly fall for the characters. They were good, but I did not love them. Luckily there was this awesome small character from the rich world which made the movie a bit entertaining.

You can say whatever you want to say about the storyline and the romance, as always I was not the biggest fan of the romance but let’s face the truth here… My guesses are that a vast majority will watch this movie for the upside down factor. It is extremely interesting to watch. The visuals are not always great and I sometimes felt that they could have been better, though the visuals and the romance is more of a background thing in this movie. Almost your entire focus goes directly to try and understanding the upside down scenario. Trust me it can get strange, confusing and at parts I became really disorientated and I barely knew where on the screen I was supposed to look.

Luckily it is all worth it. I think that most won’t watch the movie for the plot or the genres but for and experience and I really think it provides you with one. If you don’t believe me you should watch the trailer, it certainly caught my attention. A strong 8 / 10


3 comments on “Upside Down

  1. Interesting, this is the first I really paid attention to this movie. I had no idea what the premise was until now. I’m intrigued. I shall rent it when it comes out to blu-ray (I spend my money usually on books than movie tickets).

    • I’m glad you are intrigued by it. The same thing happened to me this morning, I was planning on watching a different movie but I was so mesmerized by the trailer that I simply had to watch it. I really think you should buy or rent it in a blur-ray quality. The strange but fascinating upside down scenario will surely look the best when it is viewed in good quality.

  2. […] never liked Kirsten Dunst but after seeing her in the awsome movie Upside Down my viewpoint changed. Unfortunately the drama movie Melancholia (2011) ruined it all […]

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