Charlie Bartlett

A movie my friend has practically forced me to watch. So I did and it is probably the weirdest high school movies I have ever seen. It is a comedy, drama and romance movie from 2007.

The movie is about the teen Charlie. He has ADD, is taking drugs for it and also has frequent therapy sessions. He gets suspended from his school and thrown into a school he does not fit into at all. Until he starts to sell drugs and holding therapeutic sessions with the kids in school inside the boys restroom…

It is all extremely strange, as you might have guessed by my summery. In the beginning it was so strange that I could not even decide if I liked it or not. But after half an hour I started to like it. That feeling kept improving and towards the last ten minutes of the movie I was amazed by a very dramatic scene.

Charlie and the principal are the two characters that really lift the movie. They take it to a completely new level and without them the movie would have failed big time. The actors behind them both do an outstanding job and they are the main contributor to the weird unusualness of the movie. Even though both of the main actors and many of the others also do a good job, the price must naturally go to Robert Downey, Jr. His efforts as the principal is outstanding and you will be really surprised by the last twenty minutes of the movie.

The plot seemed too weird at first but it got better and better until you loved it and it also ended excellently. I’m not really shore about how true it is to its genres tough. It has romantic elements, has some drama and the comedy aspects. In the end the movie has a little of each and that is also done in the best way possible.

The movie was so strange that I almost felt a little crazy myself as I was the one watching it, but it was also the thing that made it so good. If you think you have seen everything that the high school scenario has to offer in movies, think again. The only thing that disappoints me about the movie was the slow start, but as I said it is improving by the second and one scene towards the end almost stopped me from blinking, so now I am the nagging person who wants you to watch the movie. 9 / 10


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