High Fidelity

I rarely watch old or even semi-old movies but I knew that it was supposed to be a comedy from 2000 and it’s been a while since I saw a funny movie, so I gave it a shot. It was awesome and way different than I thought it would be and I would definitely recommend it.

The movie is about a man who owns a record store.  During the movie he re-tells the top five breakups of his life.

Short and simple summary, I quite like it because you will hopefully be suppressed of how good the movie actually was. I did not know much of the actors that were going to be in the movie so I was very happy when I recognized most of the main cast. For the first ten minutes the movie was a bit slow but suddenly Jack Black popped up being at his best and you got a slight indication that the movie would be hilarious.

It really was and it became funnier and funnier. You realized that the main character is actually telling a lot of his story directly to the camera. It is almost as if he is talking to himself but to the viewers instead. These sequences are usually extremely funny and when you add a bunch of other thing the characters do it quickly becomes one of the best comedy movies I have seen in years.

I knew based from the cover that the movie would have a lot to do with music. Even though I may not have liked all the songs I think many will appreciate the nostalgic experience of having all those old classics playing in the background. I also think that all the actors are doing a great job and along with the music and the unusual sequences of talking to the audience is the things I think makes people love the movie.

Even though you may not love the plot idea you will probably like the way they scripted it all, it was funny without being cheesy. I’m sure not everyone will agree with my grade but with expectations on an extremely low level like that I was extremely happy about how it turns out. So in the end I will give it a full score even though it’s a weak 10 / 10 the movie is almost flawless in my eyes.



2 comments on “High Fidelity

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