Chernobyl Diaries

For some reason I always thought that this movie was a documentary from 2012. After watching the movie for about 30 seconds I realized that this seemed unlikely. On this aspect I was correct and I found out that it actually is a horror movie! Quite the surprise and I was not really in the mood for a horror evening. I still watched it and kind of regret it.

Like the typical cliché there are a group of tourists going for a guided tour around the place where the once who were working at the power plant once lived. They see a strange mutated fish and soon they realize that they are not alone in the abandoned village.

Now you are probably thinking about the fish I mentioned but I had to do something to make the movie sound interesting! The funny thing is that I actually liked the movie in the beginning. The camera angles reminded me of found footage except it was shoot by real cameramen. Doesn’t make much sense really but at least it had you interesting in the beginning. They also were in a good setting and the environment looked sensibly destroyed and abandoned without it being too much.

Then the fish appeared and the characters realize that something is wrong and from there it all goes downhill.  Mediocre acting with things we have all seen before. A bunch of animals who makes the female characters overact a lot as usual and all the typical injuries and similar things that should not be really hard to predict.

This movie is lucky that it had a good beginning and that I have seen a lot worse. Mainly it does get saved by the ending, which was exactly the ending I needed after having watched this move. The final good thing is the length as it was only an hour and a half you were quite pleased that you did not have to spend any more time on it. Tough I did not find it scary I guess there is always some easily scared ones (on offense) that will find it scary. Still I’d recommend that you stay away from this one. 3/ 10


2 comments on “Chernobyl Diaries

  1. skunkieboo says:

    I remember seeing the trailers for this and thinking it could either be mediocre or bad. Seems like i can probably skip it and not feel like I missed anything.

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