Video game high school (VGHS)

This web show from 2012 should have been perfect for me. The plot fits me perfectly as it is set in a school where all the best gamers in the world gather to play games and major in different videogame aspects. We get to follow a boy as he gets accepted into the school and see how his life changes once he gets there.

The episodes are very short and most of them were around 15 minutes and since there only are nine episodes you got through the season really quickly. I thought that the plot would be perfect for me but it was not as good as I expected.

Since it is a comedy show it should contain funny moments but there were almost no funny moments in the show at all. Instead they played with every possible fitting cliché they could come up with. Sometimes they got it right and it was all very funny, but they also got it wrong too many times for my liking. When those moments occurred it all felt very cheesy. Since that was the pretty much the only form of humor they used it got a bit excessive.

On the plus side they did actually use real actors but the characters they were playing also fit in into the cliché theme with drags the grade down once again. The good thing about the show was the visuals, tough I’m sure that they could have done them better they had wanted to.

My friends really liked the show so it’s unfortunate that I didn’t. The only reason to why I’m still going to be a bit nice on the show is because of the video game high school theme which would have been so awesome if it had existed in real life… If you still want to watch the show you can do so on Netflix or search for it on YouTube (You will find the first episode below.).  5 / 10


6 comments on “Video game high school (VGHS)

  1. williamjepma says:

    I actually really enjoyed this. It was cliched and a little silly, but that was what appealed to me. Although the humor did get a little annoying at times.

  2. Jack Flacco says:

    Thanks! Based on your review, I think I’ll pass on the show. I’ll watch something if my friends really like it. We usually have the same tastes. I tend to watch things first before any of my friends get into a show. But I’ve also found that at times, my friends recommend shows I really don’t like–like The Bachelorette or some other reality show I can’t get into. I like scripted shows more…although I did like the show My Big Fat Obnoxious Fianceé, which was a reality show I found hilarious. Other than that, reality shows and me are a no-go 🙂 I love comedies, too. My absolute favorite is Everyone Loves Raymond. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched repeats of the same episodes. Anyway, I’m beginning to ramble now, so I’ll cut this comment short 🙂

    • Trust me its better if you avoid this one. The problem was that I found the idea amazing so even though my friends loved it I thought the idea of a videogame high school would be enough to make me love it, but I was wrong. It’s a shame really since the idea would have been perfect for me, if it had been done in a good way. The problem with comedy movies and shows are that not everyone is looking for the same kind of laugh so when it goes in the wrong direction you end up thinking it’s extremely bad. Which is what I did here, but I still gave them some credit because of their idea. 🙂

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