Chocolate chip cookies (Marabou cookies)

A huge phenomenon in many countries… Yet in Sweden they were pretty unknown. Until the most famous and popular chocolate brand we have (Marabou) decided to make these cookies and name them Marabou cookies. So it may not have been popular before, but after the release of the Marabou cookies they certainly were. Loads of people bought them, including myself. The problem is that you don’t get a lot of cookies when buying them. This recipe will also solve that as you get around 30 cookies.

This post might mainly be dedicated to my Swedish and maybe even my Scandinavian readers. But don’t be sad if you don’t live there as the point of this recipe is to use your favorite chocolate bar and be a bit creative about what you add. I will come back to some of the things you can do once I have finished writing about the ingredients.

Oven Temperature: 175°C Time Range: minimum 12 minutes, 14 was enough for me.


200 grams of butter

2 ½ deciliter of sugar

3 ½ teaspoons of vanilla sugar

2 eggs

5 ½ deciliters of wheat flour

2 teaspoons of baking soda

½ teaspoon of salt

200 grams of chopped marabou of any kind, or use your favorite chocolate bars. (I just used the marabou original milk chocolate)

Some creative things you can do with the recipe:

You could try all kinds of different chocolate bars, with nuts, berries, and fruits and bars of any color. You can chop them finely or have quite large pieces. You can mix them with the dough or just place the chocolate in the dough once they are on the tray. You can swap some of the sugar for brown sugar, to give them a bit more color or try another kind of sugar. You can also swap the vanilla sugar for cinnamon and add Christmas chocolate and maybe even add some carnations in them. (That last one I will probably try for myself and see how it turns out). You might even make a summer edition with chocolate and fresh raspberries in them. Not to forget using different flour and maybe even some rolled oats to change the basic ingredients. I will now stop my rambling, but as you can tell there are hundreds of opportunities here if you get a bit creative.

This is how I made mine:

  1. Whisk the butter, sugar and the vanilla sugar.
  2. Then add the eggs and whisk a bit more.
  3. Add the baking soda, flour, salt and whisk properly.
  4. Here you can pour in the chocolate in the dough and whisk it with a spoon. ( I did not do this since if thought the chocolate would be more visible if you put them in the dough once they are on the tray.
  5. Use a tray covered with baking paper. Roll the dough into small orbs which you place on the tray. Flatten out the orbs a bit, not too much since they will expand. If you have not already added the chocolate you can do as I did and take as many chopped pieces as you like for each cookie and place them in the now slightly flattened orbs.
  6. Afterwards you just put the trays in the oven (I had to use three since there have to be a bit of distance between the cookies) and then you are done.

This was the first time I ever made chocolate chip cookies so my cookies did not look that good visually but it was still really simple to make.


Before the oven. (There was a different lightning in the room between the two pictures so these look a bit more yellow than they actually were).

Before the oven. (There was a different lightning in the room between the two pictures so these look a bit more yellow than they actually were).



After the oven.

After the oven.



2 comments on “Chocolate chip cookies (Marabou cookies)

  1. Oooh…those look really good. I’ll have to try that out some time. 🙂

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