For others the comedy and horror movie from 2009 was just a good movie to watch. For me it was the movie that introduced me to zombie movies. The movie is a horror movie but don’t see it as a horror movie, since it’s really not scary. I managed to get my most easily scarred friend to watch the movie with me. She did not get scarred either but I guess there might be a jump scare or two for extremely easily scarred persons. So watch it for the comedy aspect instead and I can almost guarantee that you will like it.

The plot is about a guy who meats some survivors and they take a road trip through the zombie filled United States with an amusement park as their final destination.

So the summary may not sound that great but the movie has one of the greatest funny characters I have ever seen in a similar movie. His name is Tallahassee and he is the character that everyone loves, makes everyone laugh and he lifts the entire movie.

The other characters are a bit more typical but they are still good. The zombies are not necessarily created for the scary appearance factors so don’t expect zombies in class with the walking dead series. These zombies are not so seriously done visually but with the lovely Tallahassee and the comedy aspect you don’t really focus on the appearance of the zombies.

The plot really does work out a lot better than you would expect from my summary and it heightens the comedy in the movie without it being cheesy. They made the funny parts fit in with many of the action packed scenes which avoided the scenario with predictable jokes.

The visuals were also a bit funny since the main character has added a survival guide with helpful advices that will occasionally appear on the screen. These captions were also implanted in a humoristic way into the movie. The only thing people might dislike a bit is the ending but I like it since it’s perfect for a sequel and I sure hope they make one.

For me it was the perfect zombie movie and I really hope you see it if you have managed to miss out on it before. 9 / 10



6 comments on “Zombieland

  1. williamjepma says:

    I loved this movie so much. Have seen it quite a few times. The only thing I don’t really like is the main character, mainly because the actor is kind of boring. But I agree with your opinion on Tallahassee, the guy’s a genius! As is the special cameo. 😉

    • True him and the cameo really makes the movie. I have also seen it many times and Tallahassee is always entertaining. Since this was the first zombie movie I ever saw, I think that I will always love the movie. 😀

  2. Jack Flacco says:

    I love Zombieland. I wrote a post a couple of weeks back about my top ten zombie kills and Zombieland’s piano falling on a zombie is way up there! I have to say, this movie is so funny. So much is going on and so little time to ingest it all that it’s best to watch it again to pick up the references to other movies. I loved the dynamics also of the characters. Can’t really say it’s original but it is fun to see a father figure of sorts lead a rag-tag team of juveniles through the zombie apocalypse. So much fun. Oh, and the kills, the list, the cameo by Bill Murray…CLASSIC. I’ve loved this movies ever since it came out and will probably love this movie ten years from now!

    • I have also watched it a million times and it never gets boring, the characters are extremely lovable and Tallahassee with his love for killing zombies is hilarious. I really hope they make a sequel sometime in the future. Based on all the money they earned creating the first one they would probably have a big audience if they make one.

  3. CMrok93 says:

    Good review. Only complaint is that it’s not exactly scary, but it’s definitely gory and will satisfy horror fans to a certain degree even though it won’t have anyone messing themselves.

    • Thanks. I’m not sure if I said that it was scary because I don’t get scarred by horror movies. Tough I think I mentioned something about it having a jump scare or two for the once who get extremely scarred by the slightest thing. You are absolutely right tough; in the horror aspect the movie does nothing but in the comedy department it does loads.

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