Wide Sargasso Sea

After reading the book it was finally time to watch the movie adaption of the prequel to the famous Jane Eyre. I hoped that watching the movie would cover up any of the things that had me confused in the book and sort them out.

The plot is almost exactly the same as the book with one exception. In the movie you skip Antoinette Cosway’s entire childhood and the movie begins with Antoinette meeting Mr. Rochester in her home country Jamaica. Except from that part you get to see Antoinette’s journey from getting married, having the marriage evolve and her life as the crazy woman in the attic of Thornfield (England).

I thought the book was horrible so the movie was not that great, though it was better than the book in my opinion. Visually there is not much to complain about and the exotic environment in Jamaica is enhanced in the movie.

The main actors were not that good and they were lousy at trying to act all romantic. They were good at the anger parts and pretty much all the emotions except romance, where they failed miserably. For somebody who don’t like romance movies the romance aspects must be done in a good way and it that is not the case you end up thinking about how bad they act and how corny they are during every single romantic moment in the movie.

So was the movie beyond saving at this point? The answer is no, because there were some actors with small parts who saved the entire movie. Instead of Mr. Rochester reading a bunch of letters they added a new character who made the movie fun to watch for a few minutes. He was very different from the other actors and his accent and persistence as he tried to convince Mr. Rochester was hilarious to watch. He was so good that he actually drags up my grade a bit.

The ending in the movie was exactly the ending I had hoped for when reading the book which left me with a good impression of the move. Though I may not like the story and I absolutely hated the book I have seen a lot worse.  Therefore I still think it’s worth watching if you like Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea because the movie was actually quite good, coming from someone who thought that the book was the worst book I have ever read. 4 / 10



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