The blue lagoon 1980

As I made a complete fool of myself yesterday by watching a movie that turned out to be a different movie than the one I thought I was watching I am now officially back to clear this mess up. But like Forrest Gump says: “A stupid is as a stupid does” I can only hope that I won’t make that mistake again.

So this time I watched the first version of The Blue Lagoon ever made. This was the movie I thought I was watching yesterday so it was quite fun seeing it now as two of my friends had talked about it and I also knew that it would be more similar to the one I saw yesterday then the newest 2012 version so it was fun comparing them.

The plot is still basically the same as the last one but instead of two kids being stuck with a woman on an island they this time added a man instead who also died and once again the kids had to grow up all alone on the island. In general some elements were very similar to The Return To The Blue (1991) Lagoon, but there were also some surprises and in some places the mood in the movie was entirely different.

As far as the plot went some parts were better in the movie I saw yesterday. Two good things were that the introduction in the movie at least felt a bit shorter and eventful. By that you also got to the part where they get stranded a bit quicker which I thought were good. The second good thing was the ending; it was done a lot better compared to both of the other versions.

There were some issues in this movie that I did not have with the 1991 version, but they might be due to the fact that the movies were a bit similar so don’t trust me completely here. Yet I felt that the romance scenes in this version were a bit to cheesy and the characters were occasionally a bit stereotypical.

In the end I would recommend you to stay away from the modern remake Blue Lagoon The Awakening (2012) and suggest you see either this movie or the version from 1991. Personally it was a bit hard to decide which one of them that were the best but in the end I slightly preferred the 1991 version, but both of the old movies are pretty great so it does not really matter which one of them you see.

I hope that I now have managed to clear up any confusion you might have gotten from yesterday’s post and my final grade for the first Blue Lagoon movie ever med will be 8/10.


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