Return to the blue lagoon (1991)

I recently saw Blue Lagoon The Awakening (2012) and I thought that I would never see this one, since the one I saw was bad and I’m not a fan of old movies. I was convinced to see it by a friend but I was very skeptical going into it.  I was greatly wrong and I would not recommend the 2012 version and encourage you to watch the one from 1991. Unfortunately I had no idea that this movie is a no connected sequel for the first movie The Blue Lagoon (1980), so this means that I will have to watch that one as well then. So will see if the oldest one really is the best, if not the Return To The Blue Lagoon is the one I think you watch. (I will hopefully be able to give you an answer to that tomorrow.)

The plot compared to the awakening was a lot different and hundred times better. In this movie we get to see a woman with two kids being stranded on an Island where they have to create a new life. After the adult dies the kids are forced to live alone and we get to see them grow up as adults but with knowledge of kids. The plot develops a lot more but I won’t ruin it with my rambling.

Therefore we will move on and I will let you know why this movie is a must see. For the first ten minutes or so the movie was a bit slow, and then it ended up having a plot hat looked nothing like the “stranded on an island” movies you have seen before.

You got the romance you got the funny parts and you also got some really unexpected events that in a way had you horrified. Do not confuse those parts for scary moments tough since you were more “scared for the characters” and wondering what on earth the director thought creating those scenes. Seeing two kids growing up without being raised and now having knowledge about life was extremely funny in some parts and it made you realize what a bizarre situation they were actually in.

The plot was extremely unique and even though you may not like the genres you will most likely love the originality of the story. The only thing I did not like was the ending, but I think it’s an ending many will like. This was at least in my top 3 of the best old movies I have ever seen and I think that everyone should see it because of the originality. 9 / 10

Note: I hope I was not to blurry in my first paragraph but I found out that there were three versions of the movie after I had written my review so if you got confused just ask.



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