Hunger ( Gone, 2)

I’ll admit it. It took me ages to finish this book but I’ll get back to why later on. This is the second book in the Gone series written by Michael Grant. The book is still written in a third person point of view and at the beginning of each chapter we once again face a timer that will be a countdown to a huge event that the book will shortly end after. This time the timer starts at 106 hours and 29 minutes, which means that everything in the book will take place in that time range.

It has now been three months since everyone above the age of fifteen disappeared, leaving all the kids stuck in a barricade around there town. Three months without adults and a population of 300 pretty irresponsible kids has left their hometown in a state of chaos. Due to ignorance and laziness the town is pretty much out of food. Since no one took the responsibility to conserve the food and take care of it all the food left consists of can food.

Even more people are starting to develop unnatural abilities which cause a conflict between the mutated kids and the normal ones.  The battle from the last book caused some kids to flee and they now want to avenge the leader named Sam. Sam therefore faces threats from the “normal” kids and his enemies from the previous battle. Yet the population in Pardido Beach faces a bigger threat: a darkness looming from inside an old mine…

In the beginning it all seemed perfect. I had problems with the characters being immature in the first book. In this one they began to mature and I thought that It would turn out to be one of the best books I read this year. Unfortunately it all started spiraling down in the middle of the book.

Suddenly the kids weren’t so mature anymore and the author could once again not really prioritize what to focus on. Manny new characters appeared and the author swaps around perspectives on about 15 people regularly. Along with the third person point of view you had issues connecting and sometimes even separating the characters.

People are starving and having conflicts in the town, it should be pretty easy to fix, right? – No, not really. The focus ends up in too many different places such as the mutations in animals and humans, the darkness threatening to destroy them all, the conflicts from extremely many sides and also the personal development.

There is too much to take in and that’s why I stopped reading somewhere in the middle of the book. Naturally the author had to make the last 100 pages extremely good and practically force me to read the next book. Yet he won’t win. I will stop reading the series, or at least for a while. The story is great but the execution is in the wrong direction (if it even has one) for me. So the last part of the book might have saved the entire thing, but it still turns out to be slightly above average for me. 6 / 10


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