Step Up Revolution

Dance movies, I have seen quite a few but there are only some of them that are actually good. I still ended up watching this movie even though I had not seen the third one. The great thing about the Step Up franchise is that the movies can be seen independently. I did also like the first two movies so I thought that it would be fun to see the fourth one a few years later.

Before I let you know more about the movie it seems like there has been a lot of confusion about the title of it. So this is the fourth movie from 2012 and the final title for it is revolution. So if you have heard anything about Step Up 4 Miami Heat or Step Up 4Ever it’s all the same movie they just changed the title so that the final title is Revolution.

Now when that part is all cleared out I will tell you bit about the plot. This was the movie that was most different out of the Step Up movies I have seen. Yet it had pretty similar aspects if you wanted to see them. This time it was about a rich girl who wants to be a dancer in Miami instead of working for her father’s company. During her journey she meets a boy who is in a dance crew who she falls for. The problem is that the dance crew is against the girl’s father’s company, which means that the girl has a decision to make.

I’m not sure if it was my mood or if my unconscious mind is telling me bad things about the movie but something made me enjoy it less then I probably should have. The problem with that is the fact that I don’t really have anything to complain about. The dancing sequences were visually the best I have seen in the franchise so far and probably one of the best once in all dance movies I have seen.

They made sure that the dance sequences were not only dancing but dace choreographies with a purpose and they were filmed in a way that is very visually appealing for the viewer. The characters were not that unique but the movie was full of actors I have never seen before which in a way made the story a bit more believable than it would have been with actors we all recognize.

The plot was carried out well and in the end it turned out way better that expected, yet there is still something negative in the back of my mind that I can’t quite wrap my head around. So my best advice to you is to trust that it was visually stunning and see it if you like. 8 / 10


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