The one of the oddest titles I have seen on a movie. It also has a mix of many actors and those two reasons made me watch the movie. Later I found out that it’s from 2011 and is comedy movie.

The plot is kind of hard to describe without giving too much away so I’ll keep it short. There are two very different families and a stripper that are the main characters. Everything is also centered on a butter carving contest.

Butter carving? Personally I have never heard of it. It is pretty “simple” tough, you carve sculptures from butter. Very weird phenomena if you ask me, The good thing about that was that it made the movie a bit unusual and the sculptures that were made impressed me a lot.

The two families were extremely different and that made the movie even better since they brought many funny moments with them. Tough the one who wins the price in the comedy category for me was the stripper. She was hilarious on some occasions and she made the concept even better.

The acting was overall very good and the characters were quite unusual and they were played by some unlikely but famous actors. The butter carving kept the movie from being something you have seen before and naturally this was something that I really liked.

This movie may not be the funniest movie ever made but it was different and a lot better than I expected. So I really recommend this movie even though not everyone will find it as good as I did. 8 / 10



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