Life Of Pi

Many marvelous things have been said about this movie. So I was greatly happy with seeing this at its premiere date. It is based from the same titled novel written by Yann Martel. The genres in the movie are mainly drama and adventure. It is directed by Ang Lee who after this movie will be one of my favorite directors and I hope to see more movies that he has done.

The movie is about an Indian boy with the nickname Pi. He lives with his family on a zoo they own and when they get some financial issues they decide to move the entire zoo over to Canada. Along the way there is a huge storm and the ship sinks. This leaves Pi in a fate where he could live or die and it is all told in the most unique shipwreck story ever made.

Before I tell you about my thoughts I would like to enlighten you on two things. Firstly the age limit your country has is there for a reason and the trailer is very different from the actual movie because in the movie you get to see more brutal scenes than some might expect when looking at the trailer. Secondly I wanted to mention that I did watch it in 3D. Therefore I would like to say that if you like 3D or are slightly interested in it then seeing it in 3D won’t be a problem at all since it was done beautifully in 3D. If you do stick to the 2D version I’m pretty sure that it will be equally good either way.

The movie did surprise me a lot. Like I mentioned it was different from the trailer so it featured many things that I did not expect. The movie is just over 2 hours and that might make the beginning seem a bit slow, but in the end it’s worth it. I was also a bit surprised that the movie is a flashback, for those of you who are familiar with interview with a vampire this movie had a similar re-telling aspect to that one.

I must mention that the movie has been creating headlines as a visually stunning movie. This is correct in every aspect since stunning visuals were the first thing you saw and it was even visually better than the trailer suggested. The story was very capturing from start to finish and whether you find it believable as a movie or not is up to you. Tough personally I feel that if you are watching the movie too see how believable you can make it look I think you are on the wrong pathway.

The movie was way better my expectations tough there were two things that did disappoint me a bit, yet I feel giving the movie a lower grade because of that is wrong and therefore it will still get a full score. I also really think that you should give the strangest survivor story made a shot. 10 / 10 (I am sorry about the length but I figured the two things I wanted you to be enlightened about before watching it might be really good to know so I hope that you can overlook that part.)


3 comments on “Life Of Pi

  1. williamjepma says:

    I liked the longer review, will definitely check this one out. 🙂

  2. Thanks, I’m glad you liked the longer review. You really should take the time to see it. It was extremely well made and it seems that most age groups have liked it. 🙂 I’m also sorry for the late reply, something is wrong with my web browser at the time so my notifications are all messed up.

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