Since today is the day that we are all doomed, well according to the Mayans.  Therfore I decided to write about this movie now, even though it came out in 2009.

The movie follows an American family as they try to figure out a way to survive when the entire world is quickly reaches its dooms day.

This movie has received an average rating and I must say that I agree. The plot was decent and the visuals and everything were awesome. It had many funny and interesting characters which brighten up the mood in the movie a lot.

Yet I felt like it sort of backfired. The more time you spent watching it the less believable it felt, especially the ending and the astonishing technology, that were supposed to secretly have been developed over a very short time. To some extent this technology this already existing but with the short time range they had it all felt a bit ridiculous to me that some unrealistic technology were supposed to save the world.

For me the characters and the excellent visuals saved the movie, but the ending were disappointing and predictable. With unlikely events happening along the course the movie it turned out to be just above decent.   6 / 10



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