Wide Sargasso Sea

This old novel was written in 1966 by Jean Rhys. It is a postcolonial novel parallel to Jane Eyre.  The author has decided to focus on some of the characters background story up until e specific part in Jane Eyre. The book is divided into four parts and it is written from a first person point of view, tough the point of view changes throughout the book.

This book centers on a background character in Jane Eyre. We get to follow her story from being a child and see how she ended up as the crazy woman in the attic of the Jane Eyre books.

The book tells the story in a pretty objective way and therefore the characters felt to dead in my opinion. When you heard their thoughts they were plain and boring. The way the plot was portrayed made you feel completely uninterested. It felt like you were in a boring lecture at four in the morning. The changing point of views was done in a blurry way which made you even more confused and it made the characters impossible to relate to.

The one thing that I had been looking forward to in this book was when the main character would arrive to England, since I had recently watched Jane Eyre and that is the part were the two books collide.  So I was extremely disappointed since it was very hastily in the end and the last pages tricked you into a different ending all to suddenly make a twist that made the book feel even worse than it was before.

In honesty this was one of the worst books I have ever read. It was so boring that it was hard to remember what I was reading. The author changed the names on some characters from Jane Eyre and that confused me even more and the only good thing about the boom was the last five pages. So if you are not a huge fan of this type of literature then I would not recommend it since you will probably despise it. 1 / 10

There are tones of covers for this book but since I don’t want to search around I provide you with the original cover of the book.


6 comments on “Wide Sargasso Sea

  1. sophiebowns says:

    I remember the drama on TV in about 2006. They aired it just after “Jane Eyre” starring Toby Stephens & Ruth Wilson which is my favourite version! I have to admit I also wasn’t much of a fan of Wide Sargasso Sea ! I think I will stick to Jane Eyre it’s probably my favourite “classic” novel ! 🙂

    • Jane Eyre wasn’t my cup of tea either but in comparison to Wide Sargasso Sea it was definitely better. Since you like Jane Eyre I would like to recommend the newest movie of it. (The one from 2011.) It was very well made and even though I don’t like the concept I think that you would love it. 😀

      • sophiebowns says:

        Really? I’ve heard mixed views. In my personal opinion Jane Eyre cannot be done well in 2.5 hours, it needs at least 4 to be done properly. The truest version was the 1983 one with Zelah Clarke and Timothy Dalton but I find it awfully wooden ! X

      • Well it did have a high imdb rating. Manny reviewers there said that it was one of the best newer adoptions. Tough I have not seen any other movie of it so personally I can’t compare. It is also not my type of movie tough I did think that it was great visually and I can see why many have liked it.

      • sophiebowns says:

        Ah fair enough. I just LOVED Ruth Wilson & Toby Stephens version the chemistry between them was awesome& so believable! I haven’t seen the newest one so I can’t judge!

      • Well I haven’t seen any other adaption and I’m not really a good judge at romance aspects but now that I have read the Wide Sargasso Sea I really appreciate the movie more than I did in the beginning. But you can always look at the trailer and then judge it by your taste. 🙂

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