The animated adventure drama became one of the most mentioned  and praised kid movies this year, so I figured it was about time that I watched it.

Set in Scotland around what I suppose is the medieval character we encounter the protagonist Princess Merida. She is a young girl who wants to have her own life and stop an arrange marriage that her mother forces upon her. She finally founds a solution to her problem, but is that solution really what she wants?

Like so many has said the animations were wonderfully and the movie was a joy to watch at first, tough somewhere along the plot I started to think… I have always been a fan of the Brother Bear movies and I felt that this movie became a slight rip off. Sometimes it felt like they had just removed the things they saw a bit unfitting and added what many parents would want in this time era. Which is a brave girl who stands up for herself and the concept is made to perfectly fit kids. I am all for the idea tough in the end it mainly felt forced.

Not being a fan of British English or it’s dialects I was surprised that I enjoyed the Scottish as much as I did. It gave the movie character and along with the medieval era it did an attempt to not being a total rip off, which was much appreciated. I also liked the main character a lot though I did not love the background characters. The ending was also very expected since it is a kid movie after all.

I get why the movie have been so praised. The visuals were stunning and they featured a protagonist that I think many will enjoy. The Scottish aspect is something I think many will find fun when they are watching it. Tough in the end it was not that good as people have told me. The movie strived to be innovative and in some aspects it succeeded, but other parts of the movie did the exact opposite. 7 / 10


One comment on “Brave

  1. Thought this one was cute, and the animation was so sophisticated. Check out my review

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