Premium Rush

A brand new action with a capturing summary. Fine, maybe it wasn’t capturing but it was so weird that I simply needed to watch it. So what was my prior knowledge about this movie? Well the summary said it was about a guy on a bike and then something went wrong. I also remembered that he had a red shirt and a helmet.

When watching it the guy indeed had a red shirt and was on a bike. I will not really mention much about the plot because it made it a lot more interesting to me since you are thrown directly into the action as the first thing you see is the bike guy falling through mid air.

I will however say that it kind of reminded me of “Whip it” since both movies takes common sports movies and does something entirely different to the common sports and making it into something that I have never seen before.

In this movie the entire plot plays out over one day and there are occasional videogame-like visuals, future seeing events and some Google maps sequences. The actors were all unknown to me which contributed to making this unusual concept more believable.

The genres are supposed to be action and thriller, yet it felt like I was watching an adventure from start to finish.  They also added many humoristic moments which I did not expect at all. The more cops that showed up in the movie the funnier it got, especially the cop on the bike because he did so many “false” bloopers and mess ups in the movie that I was constantly waiting for him to appear. They even have a special psychopath in the movie who is supposed to be a threatening guy but turns out to be mainly funny and weird for the viewer.

For being a movie I knew nothing about it turned out to be really innovative and funny, the only thing that disappointed me a bit was the ending but in the end it was still a great movie and I would highly recommend it. 9 / 10


4 comments on “Premium Rush

  1. dr1ven says:

    Still haven’t seen this movie but it looks great!!!

  2. williamjepma says:

    I’ve heard mixed reports of this movie, but I think I’ll check it out now. Thanks!

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