War Horse

This is one of those movies that I always proponed but really wanted to see. Now I’m really glad that I’ve seen it since it was the best war movie I have ever seen!

The movie is about a boy who raises a horse and once horse is sold to the cavalry the boy enlists in the British army to advance to the frontlines of the First World War. In the movie we get to follow the journeys of the horse and the boy.

I had never seen a war movie similar to this one and the strange concept caught my attention right from the start. Everything in this movie was great. The plot, the acting, the characters and the visuals were executed perfectly and it all felt pretty believable.

This movie reminded me to an extent about Titanic, where they blend in tragedies, action and joy full moments all mashed into a beautiful story and just like Titanic everything in the movie looked stunning.

For me this was the best war movie I have ever seen and it really does Steven Spielberg justice after the poorly done War Of The Worlds. War Horse is a movie for those who both like and dislike war movies. For me it will be the most memorable war movie I have ever seen. 10 / 10



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