Wife swap

This is one of those shows that aren’t that great but if nothing better is on you still find yourself watching it. The show has had British, American, Australian and many more adaptions. The most famous one is probably the British one and even though it stopped airing back in 2009 the episodes frequently occur as reruns.

The concept is pretty guessable from the title. Two wives swap homes for two weeks. The first week they will live by the rules of their new family and the second one the new family must obey them. This is followed up in the end by a group meeting with both families. Usually very different families are chosen to create as many conflicts as possible.

Generally this reality show is pretty plain. Some episodes really succeed while others fail miserably. The concept is quite funny since they pick families with very different lifestyles. Sometimes those choices creates bad episodes because you can almost predict what is about to happen. That and the sometimes occurring overacting is the worst thing about the show and that is something the directors should have thought off but didn’t.

Overall the reason people are watching this is due to the fascination one might experience by seeing how other people live. Another reason might also be the airing time, since this is something decent you could watch when you get home from a long weekday in school or work. For what it is the show is decent and sometimes a bit entertaining but it’s not something that most people would watch on a Saturday night. 6 / 10



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