Another Cinderella story

I honestly have no idea why I watched this movie but I did so I might as well mention my thoughts. It was released in 2008 and it was a new adaption of the slightly older movie with Hilary Duff. This version was definitely better than the older one, yet I was not that impressed. I think it’s partly because I’m too old for watching a movie for 8-year olds so have that in mind while reading this.

The plot is about a girl who lives in a house with very strict rules and with a family she doesn’t like. She has ambitions to be a dancer but rarely has any time to practice so when a male dancer who is famous returns to school for his senior year the girl is quite interested.

I’ll admit that my description of the plot was not the best one but it was the best I could do to not spoil the entire movie. The movie is set out to be a romance and comedy movie and on that aspect I think they failed quite a lot. The acting was not that bad but the movie scenario and the way the characters acted caused very little time for funny moments. As far as the romance I saw was pretty bad, there was not that much of it and it wasn’t believable.

The genres might have been a fail but the plot was actually pretty good. The only bad thing about it was that the story line was pretty safe and you have seen it a hundred times before, but I do think the kids will find the plot very likable. The movie looked visually clean and the actors did a decent job on making the storyline seem good.

In the end I was not that impressed but I do believe that the movie could be easily liked by kids and that is after all what the movie strives for. 7 / 10


2 comments on “Another Cinderella story

  1. You’re completely right about a younger child liking it more…I watched it when I was 11 and loved it. Now, when I recently re-watched with my little sister, SHE loved it, and I thought it was a really cute movie.

  2. It is probably awesome if you watch it as a child. But it was still pretty cute when I watched it and it was way better than the first movie. 🙂

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