Jane Eyre

Every once in a while you see a movie that contains everything you hate. This British drama and romance movie from had just that. Jane Eyre is a very famous concept and this is the latest movie adaption that has been done and it’s based on the same titled novel from 1847.

During the movie we get to follow the life of the woman named Jane Eyre and we get to see how her life as a governess during the Victorian era was. We also get some glimpses of flashbacks and how one man will change her life.

Since I find movies set in the past extremely bad it is no surprise that I did not find this movie good at all. The setting in the Victorian era and all that goes with it, such as the language, class systems, the appearance of things and the manners in the movie were a perfect reminder to me why I despise movie set in the past. The entire scenario of the movie I absolutely despised.

The plot was not my thing either and the romance felt silly and the ending was just plain bad. Luckily there were things in the movie that even I could appreciate. The acting was usually very good and the visuals were also very good. They also did a great job with the characters and setting the scene even if I didn’t like them.

To sum up a bit you can say that this movie was not for me, but that does not necessarily means that it won’t be a good movie for you. If you are familiar with the concept or appreciate older movies I think you will find it very good. With some high imdb ratings and many reviews claiming that it is the best adaption so far I would like to recommend the movie to those who feel that they will enjoy watching it. Yet for me it was a poor movie and therefore it will get a 2 / 10.



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