Girl In Progress

Inspired by Todayiwatchedamovie’s review I decided to watch it. It’s a coming of age story from 2012 and I was really impressed by how different it turned out to be.

This is one of those movies that you think you have seen before. Right in the beginning of the movie I was quickly proven wrong. In this movie there is not a stupid teen who tries to get a life. This is a movie where the kid has a mother who acts like the stupid teen is supposed to do and the kid has an awful childhood and want’s to grow up. Inspired by an English class the teen decides to narrate her own coming of age story and live by those rules, while he mother is living the irresponsible life.

The result of this story was impressive. I loved the way they portrayed the family. It was the total opposite of what I normally see in the beginning of the movie and when it fitted into a pattern they changed it around so it would be a different pattern. Since that made the story a bit unusual it made it very entertaining to watch.

The movie also looked really clean and the acting was good, which is essential for the theme since it could quickly have turned into a b-movie without it. It was also pretty entertaining and it was the perfect movie for my Monday evening.

The only thing that did disappoint me a little was the last five minutes of it because I felt that it turned into the quiche it was trying to avoid. Then again since I have no suggestions for a better ending the movie will get an 8 / 10. Even though I won’t see it again it was very different and great the first time you saw it and therefore I would recommend this unusual coming of age story.


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