Wallander (Franchise)

Originally this franchise consists of 26 Swedish movies and there are more in production. In one way the movies are a huge set of series similar to the 007 series but instead of agents and action Wallander features Swedish police men and the genre for this one is crime instead of action. The Swedish movies became very famous in UK so BBC made a TV- – Show adaption of it in the English language.

Even though I have not seen all the episodes I would still recommend them since they have received many awards and the one I saw was very good even though the Swedish ones are better. Whether you choose the movies with subtitles or the TV series this franchise will not disappoint you.

The characters are great and the fit in almost all the genres except horror and sci-fi and some other genres that aren’t sensible for a franchise where the main theme is crime. That is something I really like since they have the drama, the romance, the action and sometimes you will be laughing quite a lot when something ridiculous happens.

When I was younger I thought that only boring 40+ people watches this but I gave it a shot and as it turns out I really liked it. I hope you guys will to when you give the movies or the series a try. Naturally some movies and episodes will be better than others but overall it is a great concept and therefore it will get a pretty high grade. 8 / 10


One of the swedish movies

One of the swedish movies

The english show

The english show


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