Christmas Candy (Knäck)

I present to you one of the most challenging Christmas candy the Swedish population make. The special ingredients I added in this recipe were the cinnamon and the raisins but naturally you can skip them if that’s not your thing. The candy is called knäck in Swedish and since there is no translation for it I’ll just have to go with Christmas candy with raisins and cinnamon. This one is really hard to make so don’t be sad if you can’t get the consistency right the first time you do this. To make this extremely simple I’d recommend you use a boiling thermometer fit to handle about 180°C to be on the safe side. This recipe will provide you with about 60 pieces of candy.


2 deciliter Whip cream

2 deciliter Light syrup

2 deciliter sugar

1 tablespoon of butter

About 1 deciliter of raisins

3 pinches of cinnamon

You also need paper / aluminum liners for later.

  1. Add the ingredients in a pot and stir the content, but leave out the cinnamon and the raisins.
  2. Let it boil up and afterwards it should keep the temperature on a pretty high level so it boils with pretty big bubbles.
  3. Occasionally stir it during the entire process.
  4. Frequently check the temperature and when the boiling thermometer is between 122°C – 126°C. If you don’t have a thermometer but still want to do this you put a few drops of the dough into a cup of cold water. Fish up a drop and form it into an orb. Hit it towards the edge of the glass. If it’s not too mushy but you should be able to shape it and it should be solid enough to make a slight sound when it hits the edge of the glass. Any questions on this one just ask me.
  5. The overall boiling time is pretty much impossible to tell since it could wary from 20 minutes to over an hour. So expect to have some spare time for this one. The hints you can go on is it the dough is getting a bit thicker in the consistency and also be frequent about checking the temperature or using the water test.
  6. When you think its boiled enough let the pot cool down for about 4 minutes.
  7. Then you should quickly add the raisins and cinnamon and stir it.
  8. As the dough will become more solid over time I’d recommend you to act swiftly but with precision when adding the dough into the paper liners. Personally I’d recommend the once in aluminum since you won’t have to be as careful and fill them up properly since this dough will always stay the same size once it’s removed from the heat.
  9. Let it cool down in the fridge for a while and enjoy.
When it's boiling

When it’s boiling




All done

All done


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