Into The Blue

Seeing the movie in 2005 it was one of the first movies I really liked that were meant for older audiences. I still think it’s a good movie but it’s not extremely good.

It’s about a group of divers striving to find an underwater treasure when they get involved with the Bahamas’s drug scene and betrayal.

The acting is pretty good and the visuals were great in my opinion. This was the first “diving” movie I saw so I was really impressed with the visuals and the scenery. The plot has its flaws and I’m not sure that I like the ending that much. Though they do throw in some great action sequences and the later part of the movie is really good.

Overall it may not be the best movie out there but I think it’s perfect if you want a movie that lightly touches all its genres and is set in a stunning tropical environment. 8 / 10



2 comments on “Into The Blue

  1. Becca Haque says:

    I believe this movie takes place in the Bahamas, not Bangladesh.

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