This may not be the best move James Cameron made but the visuals were outstanding and seeing it in 3D in 2011 was one of the better movies I saw during that year.

The plot for this adventure film is cave diving. A group of people has found a huge underwater cave that they are to explore. During their diving process much of the cave is destroyed due to flooding. This leaves people trapped and the only way out is to go deeper into the unknown territory.

The acting in the movie was pretty thin since they did not have many lines and there were not that much character depth. The main focus was the visual aspects and the trauma the flooding brought. Unlike many others I actually did not care so much about if the plot was good or bad because I was so focused on the stunning visuals.

I also liked how the movie was a bit unique, sure everyone has seen a movie where someone is stuck inside something but in this movie the whole aspect felt a lot more alive. I suppose not everyone will like it but I thought it was a really good movie and it was one of the most memorable once I saw in 2011. 8 / 10 stars.


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