Whip It

As her directorial debut in 2009 Drew Barrymore both acted and directed the movie Whip It. I was a bit skeptical since Ellen Page had the lead role but I was pleasantly surprised.

The plot is about a teenage girl who is sick of competing in pageants and doing other things her mother likes. She finally finds something she loves in the unusual sport called roller derby. It catches her attention and in the movie she tries to compete in it against all odds.

The movie sounds really common in one way but they really managed to make it different. This was better than similar movies because the sport has never been done in that way on a movie (not that I have seen at least) and that made it much better than the movies featuring the same story with common sports.

The characters in the movie were mainly good, though I was not to found of the characters that were not in the roller derby. The ones who were in it though were really kick-ass and had bold personalities. The toughness along with the funny scenes made it a great comedy movie.

If you think you have seen the teenager sport story, think again. I’m sure you will appreciate how different it was and even though I did not find the movie perfect it was still one of the most special one I have seen in its theme. 8 / 10 stars



2 comments on “Whip It

  1. todayiwatchedamovie says:

    The main characters coworkers were my favorites.

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