Avatar the last airbender

Before I start my rant I would like to remind you of the fact that this is the animated show from nickelodeon and not the movie adaption of it and it should also not be confused with the movie Avatar. Like I mentioned this is an animated show and it was one of the best shows I saw as a kid since it aired between 2005 and 2008.

The series are about a world where people called benders can control the elements fire, earth, water and air and it’s all set in an Asian inspired theme. The people in this world are living in a pretty much non-technological society where they use bending to make the foundation of the society.

In the beginning of the show we are introduced to a time of war where the fire-benders are attacking the others. Only one person called the avatar can save the world since the avatar is the only one who can control all for elements. The problem is that the avatar has not been seen for 100 years and since bending is much like martial arts and needs to be taught, learnt and developed the fire-benders clearly has an upper hand over the others.

As a kid this show quickly captured me, it had all the things I wanted and it was constantly improving. The best thing about it was that the first season was a bit immature and the three kids occasionally felt way too corny. This kept improving making the characters mature as the seriousness of the ongoing war became more and more obvious as the seasons went along. Therefore the series kind of grew up with me and I still see an episode now and then to entertain myself.

With the comedy and action pact elements the show was perfect for kids. The world with amazing characters with stunning personalities made it one of the best kid shows I ever saw. Cherished worldwide and with an extremely high imdb rating I will definitely recommend it and I hope you find it as entertaining and awesome as I both did and still do.



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